Why Christians Should Not Seek Political Power

Christians worldwide, but especially those in the US, are deeply engaged with, active in, and vocal about politics. Concerned, often fearful, that our nation has lost its bearings, and is now heading in a dangerous direction, they feel morally compelled to plunge into the political fray, lest we lose our country to the forces ofContinue reading “Why Christians Should Not Seek Political Power”

Why Are We So Divided?

And, what does religion (of all things) have to do with it? Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably noticed that we, as a society, as a people, as a family are fiercely divided, emphasis upon fiercely. Recounting the depth and degree of hostility, anger, fear, vitriol and animus, one towardContinue reading “Why Are We So Divided?”

Christian Nationalism

I wish Christians would engage in a thoughtful, and thorough dialogue about christian nationalism. Religious nationalism is the belief that nations should be governed by, directed by, and ruled by the laws of a particular religion (in this case, christianity). And, some christian nationalists further believe that in order to preserve what they view asContinue reading “Christian Nationalism”